AK Steel Side Plate

NO.:   MZJ-ACC-0023

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AK Steel Side Plate



Item No.: MZJ-ACC-0023

Material: Hardened Steel

Color: Black

Treatment: Oxidized

Dimensions: 104x25x7mm/4.09x1x0.27"

Centre Spread: 45mm/1.77"; 31mm/1.22"

Item Weight: 67g/2.36 oz

Package Weight: 90g/3.17 oz

Package Dimensions: 10.5x1.5x17cm/4.13x0.59x6.69"


Key Features

Rugged and Durable AK47 Steel Side Plate.

All Steel Construction, Black Oxide Finish.

Fits Both Milled and Stamped Receivers.

Tough Steel and designed for real fire caliber.

Fits virtually any Ak 47 side scope mount meant for AK rifle.

Designed for Combat Use with a Great Zero Retention Feature.

Quickly and easily installed with the help of a licensed gunsmith.

Our AK47 Steel Side Plate will have you Targeting Zero In No Time.

Comes with mounting hardware. Some gunsmithing may be required for installation.


Overviews of AK Steel Side Plate

AK Steel Side Plate is made of hardened steel and finished in Black Oxide. Easily mount new rear sights to your AK with this steel dovetail side plate. The AK47 Steel Side Plate is designed for combat use thanks to top-notch zeroing and retention. This side plate is optimized to fit both milled and stamped receivers and provides the means for mounting a wide array of side optic mounts. It measures 4.09" long and is designed to fit standard AK-47 receivers.

Note: This device will not fit all AK47s. It comes with shorter screws that will not fit on thicker receivers. Some gunsmithing may be required for installation.


Package Contents

1x AK Steel Side Plate

3x Mounting Screws

3x Stopper Bolts

1x Allen Wrench


AK Steel Dovetail Side PlateAK47 Dovetail Side Plate



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