Electric inflation pump

Adjustable PCP high pressure electric air compressor with auto-stop function

Item number:MZJ-CMP-002
Power type: alternating current
Key word: High pressure electric inflation pump
Voltage: 220V(V)
Customized processing:can customize 110V, shell color
Air volume:50(L/min)
Overall dimension:34cmx18cmX37cm
Main scope of application: 
Industrial high pressure test, gas cylinder, fire extinguisher, automobile
Material:Steel alloy
Electric current:8-10(A)
Power cord length:1.2(M)
Inflation pipe length:0.5M
Net weight:15.4Kg
Package weight:17Kg
Package size:43X23X41CM

Package Content: 
1 x PCP high pressure electric air compressor
1 x Pressure Outlet Pipe 
1 x Filter and Filter core
1 x Water Cooling Pump 
1 x Suction Pump Adapter 
1 x Water Pipe 
1 x Wearing Parts 
1 x Pressure Plug 
1 x Manual 
1 x Power Cables

Adjustable high pressure electric air compressor with auto-stop function,this 300bar air compressor is designed for superior ease of use. 
Set the desired pressure needed for the tank being filled and let the machine do its work. 
The compressor 20mpa will automatically stop when the pre-set pressure is reached. 
The maximum pre-set pressure is 30mpa, and any pressure under the maximum can be pre-set for each tank to be filled.

4500 psi high pressure electric air compressor POWERFUL - This compressor produces high pressure quickly and efficiently with maximum pressures of 4500 PSI / 30 MPa / 300BAR. 
The portable unit weighs in at 17kg and runs on a standard 110V outlet, pulling around 10 amps.
 The water-cooled compressor charges quickly at 80 L/min.

4500 psi high pressure air compressor pcp application: This pump is perfect for all Pre-Charged Pneumatic (PCP) compressed air needs Perfect for fire fighting, paintball, leakage detecting, pressure-tight test, automobiles, air impermeability test, pressure proof test, etc.

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