DS8X Digital Day Night Vision Rifle Scope HDMI GPS WiFi Compass with IR Illuminator

NO.:   MZJ-NVP-0012

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DS8X Digital Day Night Vision Rifle Scope HDMI GPS WiFi Compass with IR Illuminator



Item No.: MZJ-NVP-0012

Color: Black

Material: Aerospace Aluminum

Optical Magnification: 5X

Digital Magnification: 2.5-4X

Key Features: Record,GPS,WiFi,Compass,HDMI

Sensor Type: CMOS  

Display: Color OLED Matrix

CMOS Sensitivity:1x10-3 Lx

Sensor Resolution:1080P

Frame Rate: 30fps

Click Value(MOA): 1/8--1/2

Adjustment Range(MOA): +/-13

Zero Range(MOA): +/-7.5

Aperture : F1.3

MTF: 150LP/mm

Distortion: 0.5%Max

Focusing Range: 5m to Infinity

Exit Pupil: 8mm

Eye relief: 50 mm

Diopter Adjustment: 5 to -5 DPT

IR Wavelength: 850nm

Laser Beam: 1mw

IR Illumination Distance: 300m

Operating Temperature: -25°C ~ 50°C

Storage Temperature: -50°C ~ 60 °C

Shock Test: >1000G

Power Dissipation: <1.45W  (WiFi OFF)

Battery Life: 4-6 Hours

Battery: 3*CR123(Not included)

Dimensions: 28x7.9x7.2cm/7.08x3.11x2.83"

Item Weight: 680g

Package Weight: 800g

Package Size: 30x9x9cm/11.81x3.54x3.54"

Fits For: Any 20mm Standard Picatinny Rails


Package Contents

1x DS8X Digital Night Vision Scope

1x IR Illuminator



HD Recording/Geotagging/Wi-Fi/Compass.

High definition sensors, micro-display, large files.

Focusable Dioptre, different levels of light intensity.

Infrared illuminator to cast extra light on targets at night.

Green night view, black and white night, and color day view.

The black anodized aluminum housing is durable and lightweight.

Professional Day-and-Night Vision, no need to buy another scope.

Easy to operate, great for new beginners or experienced enthusiasts.

The scope also offers a Micro-USB output port and a micro HDMI port.

Built-in Wi-Fi allows you to stream videos in real-time on your smartphone.

Daylight & Nighttime mode can be used anytime even in complete darkness.



The OLED display with superior resolution gives you a clear and precise picture.

Features High Definition (HD) video sensor and optics, built-in GPS, and Displays in-view menu functions.

Allows you to activate and use layers of functionalities like green and black night vision or day color screens.

Side rail allows you to attach the IR illuminator to the scope in seconds for casting on your targets.

Easy Zeroing your rifle with this model. Allows you to adjust the reticle according to your first hit on the target.

Powerful 850nm IR illuminator can recognize the target from up to 300m&Can be adjusted in 11 different levels of intensity.

The wild animals dont react to this type of illumination. The IR illuminator can help you track the wounded animals. 

To give you the opportunity for distance and precision shooting, the scope offers 5x zooming capabilities.

Built-in WiFi system allows remote Recording and Viewing of all video files stored on a micro SD card.

Offers a water-resistant performance that allows you to use this scope in any weather conditions.

IR illuminator equipped with a killFlash cover, keeping you concealed from the target by eliminating light reflections.



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