Shooting Chronograph Beta Bullet Velocity Measuring Speed Tester Blue

NO.:   MZJ-ACC-0190

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Shooting Chronograph Beta Bullet Velocity Measuring Speed Tester Blue

Item No.: MZJ-ACC-0190
Color: Blue
Material: 20 Gauge Steel
Screen Type: LCD display
Function: Measures Bullet Velocity
Range: 30/fps to 7000 fps
Battery: 1* 9Volt(Not Included)
Dimensions: 36.8x10.2x45cm/14.5x4.0x17.7"(when installed)
Dimensions: 19x10.2x5.1cm/7.5x4x2"(when folded)
Item Weight: 948g
Package Weight: 1400g
Package Size: 25X12X8cm/9.84x4.72x3.15"

Package Contents
1x Shooting Chronograph
4x Aluminum Rods
2x White Plastic Shades
1x User Manual

20-gauge steel with baked blue finish ensures exceptional strength.
Gives numbered shot velocities that stay on display until you shoot again.
Plus 60 shot memory(divided into 6 numbered strings of 2 to 10 shots each).  
Delete individual shots from memory(with automatic adjustment of Statistics).
Measures the velocity of any projectile from 30fps to 7000fps per second.
Measures speed with more than 99.5% accuracy.
Comes with shades. Will work well in partly cloudy weather.
Can be easily attached to a 1/4"-20 tpi camera tripod.
Simple to use. You just turn on the switch and start shooting.
High accuracy, foldable, flexible, convenient store and carry out.

Keeps track of your shot's velocity, the string's average velocity, the highest & lowest velocities, and the standard deviation.
Allows you to keep track of every kind of ammunition you use, from arrows to the rifle, pistol, or shotgun rounds.
Measures speed (feet per second and meters per second) from 30 fps to 7,000 fps with more than 99.5% accuracy.
Gives you a wealth of information that can help you measure your muzzle velocity and increase your reload speed significantly.
This chronograph is more solid than it looks. It has made it through the worst possible weather for the shades to do their work. 
Fed by 9-volt batteries, one could last a solid month of consistent use, ie one hour per day, three or four times a week.
The shooting chronograph also can be easily attached to a 1/4"-20 tpi camera tripod for fast and easy set-up. 



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