1800W 220V Automatic Stop Air Rifle Compressor

NO.:   MZJ-CMP-010

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1800W 220V Automatic Stop Air Rifle Compressor 

Item number: MZJ-CMP-010

Function: Shut Off The Compressor Automatically
Max. Pressure:4500PSI/300BAR/30MPA
Material: Stainless Steel
Motor Material: Copper
Power type: Alternating Current AC
Color: Blue
Certification: CE&FCC
Lubrication Mode: Splash
Structure: Booster Pump
Filtration: Water/Oil Separator
Cooling System: Water and Fan Cooling
Air Flow Rate:50L/min
Electric current:8-10(A)
Power cord length:1.2(M)
Motor Power Rating:1800W
Inflating Rate:2800R/min
Inflation pipe length:0.5M
Max. Noise:75DB
Net weight:17.5Kg/617oz
Package weight:16Kg/564oz
Dimensions: 13x16x7inches
Package size:17X9X16inche
Main scope of application: Industrial high-pressure test, gas cylinder, fire extinguisher, automobile
Customized processing: can customize 110V, shell color

Focuhunter optics CMP-009 Air Compressor is a portable compressor, with a working pressure of 300bar/4500psi/30mpa, inflating speed: 2800r/min.working flow 50 l/min, air hose connection 8 mm quick coupling with a water-cooled compressor, Designed with two-stage compression to ensure stable performance, which requires water and oil.

Equipped with two independent drainage systems, this model efficiently removes condensate and impurities from the compressor.
The product is a built-in overload protection switch for your safety and to protect the motor.
Adopts high-tech metal spraying technology, anti-corrosion, waterproof, fine workmanship, of reliable quality.
The adjustable, automatic shut-off allows you to set the compressor to the exact fill pressure of your gun (up to 4500 psi) and the unit stops when that pressure is reached. 
A powerful PCP air compressor provides a lot of power. With high-efficiency cooling fans and Water, this has excellent heat dissipation.
The air compressor has an oil or water separator. Efficiently filters oil and water from the air, providing a clean, dry, high-pressure air output.
Adjustable Pressure: The PCP air compressor is equipped with a copper wire and an 1800W motor, allowing it to rapidly and efficiently generate high pressure of up to 4500 PSI. It features adjustable pressure settings, allowing you to preset the desired pressure level. Once the preset pressure is reached, the machine will automatically stop.

Various Safeguards: The PCP compressor is equipped with an explosion-proof valve, as well as front and side fences for added security. Note: To prevent hazards, it is essential to use the breathing valve to replace the oil plug before operating the machine.

Various Application: The filtration device of the high-pressure air compressor is a water & oil separator. The pump discharges clean air, perfectly suitable for tanks, PCP air rifles, paintball tanks, airsoft, fire fighting, and other high-pressure activities.

Package Content: 
1 x PCP high-pressure electric air compressor
1 x Pressure Outlet Pipe 
1 x Filter and Filter core
1 x Water Cooling Pump 
1 x Suction Pump Adapter 
1 x Water Pipe 
1 x Wearing Parts 
1 x Pressure Plug 
1 x Manual 
1 x Power Cables

It is essential to adhere to the following maintenance procedures for your PCP electrical air compressor:

1. Regularly inspect and cleanse the air filter every month to obstruct the ingress of dirt and dust into the compressor's engine.

2. Monitor and replace the oil every three months, depending on the frequency of usage.

3. Routinely cleanse the compressor's exterior by employing a damp cloth every week to eliminate tenacious dirt and grime accumulation.

4. When the compressor is not in use, store it appropriately to mitigate the risk of corrosion due to moisture in the air and potential mechanical damage from nearby objects.

Adhering to these straightforward guidelines will contribute to the sustained optimal performance of your PCP electrical air compressor over an extended operational lifespan.



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