1-8x HD Digital Night Vision Scope

NO.:   MZJ-NVP-0029

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1-8x HD Digital Night Vision Scope
Number: MZJ-NVP-0029
Electronic magnification:1X-8X
Optical multiple:1X
Field of view:21°×12°
Objective lens:16.5mm (effective clear aperture)
Monitor:0.4 inch LCOS LCD monitor
Display resolution:1280×960
Sensor Type: SONY IMX385 1/2 inch
Exit pupil distance:27mm
Waterproof: IP67 level
Memory:8GB-128GB (capacity optional)
External interface: small multi-core aerial plug
Data cable: One for two data cables (including USB port, AVOUT port)
Reticle: Divided cross line Six  modes red, green, and black color options
Mechanical interface: Integrated Picatinny rail;   G24 dump truck interface
Standby Time: About 45 minutes
Battery type: One AA CR123 battery 
Size:145.5mm×76.5 mm×56mm (without eye mask)
Weight:362g(Without battery)
Package size:36.5X21X11cm
Package weight:1.658KG

TNVC-M250 high-definition digital night vision device is a high-performance professional digital day and night vision device, with strong adaptability to low illumination, high image quality, fine image quality, can be used day and night, the all-metal body is waterproof and light in weight Features. It also has day and night photography, video, video output, and other supporting functions, which fully meet the individual needs of users, and is suitable for outdoor activities such as hunting and hunting.

Night Vision is a precision electronic instrument used to observe the target at night and twilight.
In order to meet very low light intensity, night vision with an infrared irradiation light source, turn on the power switch, you can adjust its brightness by switching.
OP-168 is a day and night of night vision that comes with the infrared irradiated light source.
Under bright and dim light it shows color images while the black and white images are in darkness.
OP-168's own infrared irradiation light source device, according to the use of environmental conditions can be forced open or close, and may, according to the environment light brightness manual regulation need the best condition.
Night-vision equipment can be split into three broad categories:
Scopes - Normally handheld or mounted on a weapon, scopes are monocular (one eye-piece). Since scopes are handheld, not worn like goggles, they are good for when you want to get a better look at a specific object and then return to normal viewing conditions.
Goggles - While goggles can be handheld, they are most often worn on the head. Goggles are binoculars (two eye-pieces) and may have a single lens or stereo lens, depending on the model. Goggles are excellent for constant viewing, such as moving around in a dark building.
Cameras- Cameras with night-vision technology can send the image to a monitor for display or to a VCR for recording. When night-vision capability is desired in a permanent location, such as on a building or as part of the equipment in a helicopter, cameras are used. Many of the newer camcorders have night vision built right in.

Package Contents
1x 1-8x night vision scopes
1x Eyepiece
1x Picatinny rail mount
1x Small rail
1x USB cable
1x Lens Cloth
1x Riflescope Manual

1x Carrying Case



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