BT10 V8 Bipod with Picatinny Clamp

NO.:   MZJ-BIP-0010

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BT10 V8 Bipod with Picatinny Clamp



Item No.: MZJ-BIP-0010

Color: Black

Material: Aircraft-grade Aluminum+Rubber

Treatment: Anodizing

Type: Rifle Bipod

Model: BT10, V8

Center Height: 6.39.0"

Foldable Arms: Yes

Extendable Legs: Yes

Item Weight: 352g

Package Weight: 410g

Package Size: 20x8x6cm/7.87x3.14x2.36"



Lightweight, yet exceptionally durable construction.

Aluminum construction with stainless steel components.

Mounts directly to any Picatinny rail via included rail clamp.

Height Range approximately 6.3 9.0".

Up to 15-degrees of pan or cant in either direction.

5-leg positions - 0, 45, 90, 135, and 180 degrees.

Smooth functioning, independent legs.

Fore and After pivot limiting Bosses.

Strengthened Leg Boss.

Soft durable rubber feet suitable for any surfaces.

When you need a stable shot, choose the BT10 V8 Bipod.


Package Contents

1x BT10 V8 Bipod

1x Picatinny Rail Clamp

1x Allen Wrench



The BT10 V8 Bipod is designed for shooters who need the toughest and most stable bipods available.

The BT10 V8 is built from the ground up for serious use, with its exceptionally durable construction.

The legs can be fully preloaded in both the 90-degree & 45-degree position, offering super control in nearly any shooting conditions.

Leg positions are stowed back, 45 degrees angled back, 90 degrees straight down, 45 degrees forward & stowed forward.

Can be adjusted in 3/4" increments, allowing you to have a solid and level shooting position on the roughest of terrain.

Soft yet durable rubber feet suitable for a variety of surfaces but can be easily replaced with the push of a ball.

Mounts directly to any Picatinny rail via a 2-screw clamp & can be preloaded for pan & tightened for cant with the knurled knob.

Tracking targets and keeping level is a breeze thanks to the 15-degrees /- of cant and pan in either direction. Get yours now!


BT10 V8 Bipod with Picatinny Rail ClampBT10 V8 Atlas Bipod with Picatinny ClampBT10 V8 Bipod BT10 V8 Bipod with Picatinny Rail Clamp




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