2 Point Paracord Sling

NO.:   MZJ-sling-0041

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2 Point Paracord Sling

Item No.: MZJ-sling-0041
Color: Black
Material: Nylon Webbing+Paracord+Metal
Attachment Points: 2
Compatibility: Most sling mounts
Min Length: 53" without hook
Max Length: 64" without hook
Strap Width: 1"
Paracord Width: 3cm/1.18"
Item Weight: 165g
Package Weight: 185g
Package Size: 13x4x25cm/5.12x1.57x9.84"

2 Point Paracord Sling for Rifles, Shotguns, Crossbows, Airsoft.
1" heavy-duty nylon webbing with durable adjuster & reinforced quick-release buckle.
2 Point Paracord Sling constructed from approximately 65 feet of Sturdy Paracords.
Adjustable length from 53" up to 64", up to 39" without paracords.
Backup paracord as survival tool in outdoor emergency situations.
Upgraded metal hooks allow for quick installation and removal.
Adjustable design for accommodating different body types.
Extra Strong for Hunting Camping Outdoor Activities Multi-Use.

Removable Design: Combine strong nylon webbing with handmade paracord, you can use the paracord & rifle sling separately.
Functional: With approximately 25 inches of woven paracord, the sling also doubles as a survival tool. 
Ultra-Durable: One Paracord rope can hold a static 30 lbs and this sling is made of 6 Paracord ropes (180 lb. total).
Additional Feature: Can be worn in several ways. Works as well for carrying a shotgun or crossbow hunter-style over one shoulder.
One Size Fits All: Adjustable length from 53 inches up to 64 inches, up to 39 inches without paracord.
Quick attachable sling: Two-Point rifle gun sling, quickly attaches and detaches from the weapon. 
Distinct and Unique: Comes in Khaki Color that can set you apart and make you stand out from others!  

Package Content

1x Tactical 2 Point Paracord Sling



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