Tactical 2 Point QD Sling

NO.:   MZJ-sling-0037

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Tactical 2 Point QD Sling



Item No.: MZJ-sling-0037

Color: Green

Material: Premium Nylon+Polymer+Aluminum

Min Length: 121cm/47.63"

Max Length: 182cm/71.65"

Strap Width: 3.3cm/1.3"

Shoulder Pad Width: 5.7cm/2.24"

Swivel Length: 4.1cm/1.6"

Swivel Height: 2.4cm/0.95"

Swivel Head: 9mm/0.36"

Compatibility: Standard Sling Mounts

Additional Feature: Padded Shoulder Strap

Product Weight: 210g

Package Weight: 230g

Package Size: 13x6x25cm/5.12x2.36x9.84"


Key Features

1.3" heavy duty nylon webbing. Fully adjustable length up to 71.65".

Reinforced Polymer front length adjusters allow for fast adjustment.

2.24" tubular webbing with closed-cell foam padding for additional comfort.

Adjustable design for accommodating different body types and tactical gear.

Non-skid padded shoulder strap,  very comfortable to wear around your shoulder.

Enhanced QD Push Button Swivels withstand strong pulling forces in all directions.

Available in Black, Khaki, and Military Green - A collection of tactical colors.


Overview of Tactical 2 Point QD Sling Khaki

The Tactical 2 Point QD Sling features a padded shoulder strap that provide comfortable carrying and adjustable strap length that provide the perfect fit for rapid transitions from strong side to support side and back. The sling comes with a new upgraded heavy-duty QD Push Button Swivel that provides a secure sling attachment that can't come loose. The Tactical QD Swivel is a modular sling attachment that installs to your sling mounts. Swiveling head provides free rotation of sling while remaining securely fastened to the base. The QD sling swivel also features a push-button, a design feature that prevents accidental activation. Made with reinforeced polymer buckles, aluminum hardware and high strength nylon, the Tactical 2 Point QD Sling Khaki was built to take the harshest beatings that can be handed out.


Package Content

1x Tactical 2 Point QD Sling Khaki


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