Rifle Adjustable Multi Mission Tactical Two Point Bungee Sling with Quick-release Metal Hook

NO.:   MZJ-sling-0015-2

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Rifle Adjustable Multi Mission Tactical Two Point Bungee Sling with Quick-release Metal Hook



Item No.: MZJ-sling-0015

Color: Army Green

Material: Nylon + Metal + ABS Plastic

Max Length: 71cm/27.96in

Bungee Cord Length: 21cm/8.27in

Strap Width: 3.8cm/1.49in

Weight: 126g

Package Weight: 140g

Package Size: 13x6x25cm/5.12x2.36x9.84"


Package Content

1x Tactical Two Point Sling



Special Clasps for converting from 2 to 1 point sling.

Fully Adjustable length up to 71cm/27.96".

Army green color accenting the coolest look.

Durable nylon strap and shock-absorbing bungee.

Equipped with Upgraded quick-release metal hooks.

Bungee end and wider center part for a comfortable fit.

Great for Assault rifles and Submachine Gun alike.



A 2- point bungee sling helps distribute the weight of your gun evenly on your shoulder.

2 special clasps that feature a hole allows them to be connected by the hook to convert it from a 2 Point Sling to a 1 Point Sling.

Heavy-duty Anti-slip Nylon strap and shock-absorbing bungee for a secure fit.

New and Reinforced metal hooks for quick installation and removal from your gun.

Can be used as both a two-point sling for over the shoulder action or as a single point sling for resting.

A sling designed for Airsoft Assault Rifles, Submachineguns, and Shotguns.




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