Tactical Two Point Bungee Sling with Quick-release Metal Hook

NO.:   MZJ-sling-0014-2

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Tactical Two Point Bungee Sling with Hook



Item No.: MZJ-sling-0014-2

Color: Military Green

Material: Nylon + Metal+ Plastic

Max Length: 126cm/49.6in

Bungee Cord Length: 85cm/33.46in

Strap Width: 2.6cm/1.02in

Item Weight: 160g

Package Weight: 170g

Package Size: 13x6x25cm/5.12x2.36x9.84in


Unique Features

Fully Adjustable Length up to 126cm / 49.6 in.

Durable nylon strap and shock-absorbing bungee.

Equipped with Upgraded quick-release metal hooks.

Bungee center and wider end part for comfortable wear.

2-point sling keeps your gun secured throughout the game.

Perfect for Assault Rifles and Submachineguns alike.


Key Benefits

Heavy-duty Anti-slip Nylon strap and shock-absorbing bungee for a secure fit.

Reinforced metal hooks for quick installation and removal from your gun.

The sling is designed to clip to the receiver or upper stock of a tactical rifle or shotgun.

Hand-free features keep your gun in reach and provide a perfect balance.

A 2- point bungee sling helps distribute the weight of your gun evenly on your shoulder.

Tactical Two Point Bungee Sling with Hook designed for Airsoft, Assault Rifles, Submachineguns, and Shotguns.


Package Content

1x Tactical Two Point Bungee Sling with Hook


Top Quality Tactical Two Point Bungee Sling with HookTactical Two Point Bungee Sling withQD Metal Hook GreenTactical Two Point Bungee Sling with Quick Rlesease Hook DE




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